Wired Button Camera

The wired button camera consists of a color CCD pinhole camera hidden behind a button cover. Hide the button camera under your shirt, jacket, cap or other clothing with the button exposed outside. Nobody will detect this is a camera even looking closely at the button. This is an unique camera of its kind and is an ideal tool for body worn applications.

High resolution color 1/3" SONY CCD image sensor. You can easily hide the camera under your shirt, jacket or other clothing. A microphone with extended wire is attached to the cam to collect sound.

Matching buttons: 4 pieces of matching button are included for disguise.

Battery powered. The camera is powered by the included 12 battery holder which last for about 6~7 hours.

Work under low light conditions.

You may record the video by connecting the camera to a camcorder, portable recorder, computer or other recording device, or to a display device for real time viewing.

Output AV-DC power wires included (see picture on the right): You may connect the camera to a camcorder, portable recorder, transmitter, computer or other recording device for recording or real time viewing.

Packing Contents:

(1) A high resolution button camera with microphone.
(2) 4 pieces of matching buttons.
(3) A RCA composite cable with connectors for DC power, video and audio; and
(4) Two 12V battery holders for 8 x 1.5V AA batteries (Type A).
Specifications PAL format
Image Device 1/3" SONY color CCD
Horizontal resolution  420 TV lines/300,000 pixels
Video output PAL: 500(H) x 582(V)
Illumination factor 1.0 LUX at F1.2
Video format PAL only
Audio output 2V-p-p (max), 50 ohm
Video output 1V-p-p, 75 ohm
Lens and visual angle 4.3 mm / 70o
S/N ratio 46dB
Mic sensitivity 59dB +/- 3dB
Operating temperature -10o C ~ +50o C
Operating voltage 12V
Camera functions Auto electronic shutter, auto gain control, auto white balance adjustment.
Camera dimensions/weight 24(H) x 27(W) x 20(D) incl. lens mm / 19 gm

Price: US$179

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