Wireless Surveillance Camera

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This wireless video camera enables you to send live video from one location to another without expensive and messy wiring. The wireless camera works on its own transmission system and is therefore particularly useful in those remote locations where there is no internet coverage or out of WiFi range. No software installation required. No internet connection required. No bandwidth to worry about. NTSC and PAL options are available.

Outdoor camera with night vision ...

High resolution camera ...

3W high-power long range transmitter ...

Long distance transmission ...

Viewing live video feed over the internet or mobile phone ...

Interference-free ...

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Camera features
The camera can operate in total darkness for distance up to 100 feet (30 meters). Automatic exposure control, automatic gain control and automatic backlight compensation. The built-in infrared LEDs turn on/off automatically when the light condition turns weak (when illumination is under 8 LUX).
Preset channels
Up to 4 cameras represented by different channel numbers can be set up in one location without interference to one another. The receiver can monitor up to 4 cameras, i.e. the set up can be 4 wireless cams and 1 receiver. For 1.2GHz and 900MHz model, you may select on the receiver to display any one of the 4 channels at a time to view live video on your TV or other display device (See diagram 1 here). For 2.4GHz model, you may select multiple channels to display (See diagram 3 here). In this case, the videos of the cams selected will be displayed sequentially.
Multiple cameras
If you install multiple cameras and you want to view all video feeds at the same time, a separate receiver must be installed for each wireless camera. By connecting all the receivers to a multiplexer or quad, you can view all camera videos in split screen (See diagram 2).

Using a RF Splitter, you may share a single antenna amongst multiple receivers. See an example here.
Sample applications
Packing contents
1) A wireless camera in weatherproof housing (1.2GHz & 900MHz: beige color. 2.4GHz: silver main body, black front and back covers).
2) A matching receiver.
3) Two omni-directional antennas for the camera and the receiver.
4) A wall bracket adjustable for left/right and up/down positions.
5) A RCA AV cable for the receiver.
6) Two 100~240VAC/12VDC regulated power adapters for the cam and the receiver.
Price: US$550
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