Wireless AV Receiver

Specifications 1.2GHz 0.9GHz
Tuner module Comtech
AV output RCA video and audio output jacks
Channel selection select by sliding switchselect by sliding switch
Antenna included 6dBi omni-directional dipole
Preset channels <in MHz> CH1:1080; CH2:1120; CH3:1160; CH4:1200 CH1:910; CH2:980; CH3:1010; CH4:1040
Antenna connector type SMA-F
Video output 75 Ohm 1V p-p
Audio output 10k Ohm 2V p-p max
Audio sub carrier frequency 5.5MHz
RF Sensitivity -85 dBm (typical)
Compatible AV standard NTSC and PAL
Voltage/Power Consumption DC 12V / 350 mA
Operating Temperature/RH -10o C ~ +50o C / 20~80%
Dimensions/weight 115(L) x 80(W) x 20(H) mm / 159 gm
Work with our product model # TR070412, TR120412, TR200412B, TRC3K12, TRC5K12, TRC10K12, TRC20K12, IR4300WL(1.2GHz) TRC3K09, TRC5K09, TRC10K09

Packing Contents:

  1. An AV receiver;
  2. A 6dBi omni-directional antenna;
  3. A 12V AC/DC universal voltage regulated power adapter; and
  4. A RCA AV cable.
Price: US$60

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