Smoke Detector-Type Camera

This is a high resolution wired color CCD camera hidden inside a non-functional smoke detector. Ideal for discreet surveillance in corridor, shop, warehouse, office or home. It is designed to harmonize well with the surrounding. Simply connect a cable between the unit and a TV or other recording device such as DVR or computer, you can view or record the color video live.

Camera: 1/3" high resolution color CCD. Can be easily fixed to ceiling or wall.

Deliver high quality color video to TV, DVR, monitor, computer or other viewing/recording device.

Work under very low light conditions.

Camera functions: Automatic exposure control, automatic gain control, automatic white balance adjustment, automatic back light compensation.

Applications: Suitable for installation outdoor or in shop, front counter, corridor, home, office, warehouse, hospital for round the clock surveillance.

Easy installation. Setup can be completed within minutes.

NOTE: By connecting the video-out wire of this camera to the video-in of a transmitter, you can make this camera wireless.