COFDM Digital AV Transmitter Receiver - 200mW

This wireless digital transmitter enables you to send video between two locations where hardwiring is difficult or impracticable. It works with most video cameras with RCA or BNC AV outputs (NTSC or PAL). It is capable of extending the IR control of your remote controller - see a sample system setup here. The transmitter set works with or without using the IR control feature.

The transmitter operates on microwave radio system - no internet connection required, no bandwidth to worry about. It is therefore particularly useful in those remote locations where there is no internet/network coverage or out of WiFi range.

The transmitter sends high quality video and stereo audio wirelessly to the included receiver. Transmission effectively avoids common radio interferences caused by other wireless equipment such as blue-tooth, cordless phone, WiFi etc. operating in the vicinity. Random ID coding between the transmitter and the receiver secures the privacy of video transmission.

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Transmitter. AV signal sent out from the transmitter can only be received by a receiver matching the random ID code. The pairing process between the transmitter and the receiver can only be done within a 3-meter range. A transmitter can only be paired with one receiver at a time. RCA input jacks of video and stereo audio on the front panel for AV input from devices such as video camera, DVD player ....

Receiver. By pressing the "pair" button on the receiver, it will automatically pair with the transmitter using a pseudorandom sequence for a channel with random ID code, which is only known to both the pairing transmitter/receiver. RCA output jacks of video and stereo audio on the front panel for connecting to a display device such as TV, monitor, DVR, computer....

Viewing live video feed over the internet or mobile phone. If you have a DVR and other equipment connecting to the internet, you may connect the wireless receiver to one of the video inputs of your DVR so that you can view the camera footage live in a remote location over the internet or on your cell phone. A sample setup can be found here.

Frequency Hopping Technology. Adopting Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) and auto pairing with random ID to avoid unauthorized reception, interception or jamming. These technologies also substantially reduce interferences from other sources of radio disturbances to ensure a steady and quality video stream.

Extra feature Apart from sending AV signal, this system also enables you to control a IR source device connecting to the transmitter, from the receiver side using your existing remote controller. Application example: playback the video stored in your DVR located in your setting room, on your TV located in your bedroom.

Power. Both the transmitter and the receiver work on DC12V power. Two AC/DC power adapters have been included in the package for this purpose. In those areas where AC power is not available, you may connect the devices to external DC12V battery such as solar-powered system or Sealed Lead Acid rechargeable battery. See Specifications below for more details.

Easy installation. Set up can be completed within minutes.

Transmission Range
Range may vary substantially depending on the actual operating environment. Much longer range can be achieved in aerial applications. Up to 300 meters (1000 feet) open space with the included omni-directional antennas. Longer distance up to 5 km (3 miles) can be achieved if high gain directional antennas are installed in a line of sight environment. AV signal can travel through some obstructions such as wall, partition, tree and so forth but in this case, the transmission distance will be reduced depending on the type, materials and the number of the obstructions in the transmission range. Overall, signal transmission is much better than FM transmitter particularly in multipath environments such as urban area.
Specifications Receiver Transmitter
Modulation COFDM - 16QAM, QPSK, BPSK
Video standard NTSC and PAL compatible
Privacy Adopting FHSS hoping and auto pairing with random ID codes to protect privacy and minimize RF interferences
Channel selection 26 channels, auto-selected during pairing
Frequency range 2403~2478 MHz
Video compression MPEG4
Video resolution 720 x 480 pixels at 30fps
Video Output/Input Level 1+/- 0.2Vp-p 75 ohm 1Vp-p 75 ohm
Video Output/Input Level 1+/- 0.2Vp-p @600 ohm (stereo) 1Vp-p @600 ohm (stereo)
Receiver Sensitivity -85 dBm (typical) N/A
Video data transfer rate up to 12Mbps, typical 6Mbps
Output Power N/A 200 mW
Transmission Range Up to 300 meters (980 feet) line of sight with standard antennas. Longer distance can be achieved if high gain directional antennas of 12dBi or above are installed on both sides in a line of sight environment: 5 km (3 miles)
Video Outputs/Inputs RCA video and RCA stereo audio jacks
Antenna connector type RSMA-F
Antenna included 3dBi omni-directional rubber duck antenna (RSMA-M)
IR extender IR extender socket on TX and RX. IR output 940 nm.
Power voltage/consumption DC12V/1.9W (current draw 500 mA)
Operating temperature -10o C ~ +50o C
Dimensions / weight 78(L) x 88(W) x 25(H) mm / 100 gm excl. antenna
Range Extender
Using high gain omni-directional antenna will improve the transmission range. If the transmission path is line of sight, the transmission/reception may be significantly improved by using Yagi antennas, panel antennas or other directional antennas.
Packing Contents
1. AV digital transmitter with 3dBi dipole antenna.
2. AV digital receiver with 3dBi dipole antenna.
3. Two 7dBi high gain omni-directional antennas.
4. Two universal regulated 12V 100~240V AC/DC power adapters.
5. Two RCA AV cables.
6. Two IR extender wires for the transmitter and the receiver.
7. One 12VDC power split cable (Y-cable) for the transmitter.
8. Installation guide.
Price: US$249 (Out of Stock)

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